Motorhome Hire FAQ’s

What is the minimum and maximum age for a driver?

For insurance, drivers between the ages of 25 and 75 are accepted. Outside of this we would need to refer to our insurers.

What is the cancelation policy?

See a copy of our full terms and conditions

What happens if we break down?

In the event of a vehicle breakdown the hirer is permitted to contact RAC recovery on 0330 159 8714 quoting the vehicle registration number and referencing Thrumpton Motor Company Limited

How do we get in touch in case of an emergency

In the event of an Emergency please call us on 01777 704114

Can we book online?

You can enquire online using our Motorhome Hire forms on the motorhome pages but we do not take have the facility to take online bookings.

How will I know how it all works – they seem very complicated?

When you come to collect your motorhome we will ensure you know how everything works as you will be given a detailed handover – after all, it is less likely to get broken that way!

Do your motorhomes have hot and cold running water, showers, toilets and heating?

Yes all of our motorhomes have these facilities. The size of the bathroom will vary – on our smaller motorhomes, it will be quite compact, whereas larger motorhomes may have a little more space.

Cant find what you need?

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